If you’d like to commission me to create a bespoke artwork please email: or phone: 0798 6821 559

Family Portrait

I was commissioned to create a family portrait using objects that had been chosen by the parents and their two boys


“I wanted a family portrait for our new family home, but an unconventional one. When I first saw Rachel ‘s work I was very impressed and felt that she would produce a body of work that was truly unique. And she did. ‘Our favourite things portraits” have attracted much admiration especially from little people. I look forward to working with Rachel again.”

18th Birthday present

Hannah's 18th Bday
This tile is made with the flowers Hannah gave me from her grandmother’s garden. She wanted my work to celebrate happy childhood memories on her 18th birthday.
“The tile has preserved the detail of the flowers in such a pretty and elegant way – I especially love the broken heart flowers, lavender stalks and tiny leaf veins. It really is a beautiful and permanent reminder of my summers in the garden”

Little girl’s dress from the 1930’s

Leslie's dress
This was a commision to preserve a pretty dress in a beautiful and evocative way. The dress has great sentimental value to the owner – who is the daughter of the little girl who once wore this dress.