My method of plaster casting will capture your bridal bouquet in a unique and delicate way.

I make impressions of the flowers into wet clay and then pour plaster directly over it.

The clay captures the most intricate details, subtly colouring the plaster as it sets. Each clay mould can only be used once making every piece unique.  Tiles are then finished and refined by hand.

Tile dimensions are 400mms x 400mms x 15mms. Each piece has a brass mirror plate on the back for hanging.

Special thanks to florist Helen Newman, for the photo.

The cost of a wedding tile is £600


Previous wedding commissions:

Maya’s wedding (September)

I love this tile for many reasons…. it perfectly captures the fragile beauty of nature,…. it was a present from my sister and is made from flowers that my beautiful niece and I were carrying on my wedding day. Thank you for making this beautiful artwork.

Rachel’s wedding tile (June)


Cat’s wedding tile (July)

The tile is beautiful and such a lovely way to remember our wedding day. Flowers are ephemeral but we have their imprint preserved forever. I like the white plaster finish of Rachel’s work – it seems particularly appropriate for a wedding momento, but also looks modern and attractive enough to hang almost anywhere in the house.